How do I find my representative? You can find your representative by clicking on the following link,  Find your Representative.

How do I search for current and past state legislation? To search for information on legislation, use the following link,  LegInfo.

How do I find information about accessibility services?  Individuals who, because of a disability, need special assistance to attend or participate in an Assembly Committee hearing or in connections with other Assembly services, may request assistance at the Assembly Rules Committee, Room 3016, or by calling (916) 319-2800.  Requests should be made four working days in advance when possible.

How do I obtain information about the Capitol building, hours of operation, etc?  Use the following link to obtain information about the State Capitol Building, Capitol Building.

Do I need permission to host a special event at the Capitol? – The State Capitol is a functioning public office building and California State Park museum.  Use of the Capitol building for special events is managed by the Joint Rules Committee.  The public may request use of the building through their legislative representative.  Click on the following link for additional information on Hosting an Event in the Capitol.

How do I obtain information concerning Legislative records?  Use the following link to obtain information concerning the Legislative Open Records Act, LORA.

How do I hook up to the Wi-Fi network when in the State Capitol building?  The State Capitol building has Wi-Fi capabilities.  Simply scan for available Wi-Fi networks and find "CapitolPublic".  You will be taken to a WiFi Network login screen.  Review the disclaimer and click proceed.

How do I get assistance on dealing with a state agency?  You may contact your legislative representative to ask for assistance in obtaining services from or responding to a state agency.

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